VIDEO: Halloween Horror at Universal Orlando


This week I was lucky enough to fly to Orlando, Florida to attend the press launch for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights’ 25-year anniversary. I can sum up the whole experience in ONE word. SCARE-MAZING*. (*I didn’t say it was a real word…)
Universal Studios is celebrating its 25-year anniversary this year and this also means 25-years of their legendary halloween event ‘Halloween Horror Nights‘. This annual fright-fest has inspired hundreds of copycat events across the globe but the monstrous mash up of classic horror, modern zombie remakes and top slasher thriller killers continue to reign supreme as the best and most terrifying immersive horror experience in the world.

‘We literally place our guests in the lead role as they escape Jack the Clown and his Maniacs,’ says Michael Aiello, Director of Creative Development for Universal Orlando’s Entertainment team and chief scarecauser. And they certainly do that. I give an Oscar-worthy performance as ‘lead female being terrified at a theme park’ in the video below and give you a taste of what to expect if you’re planning a visit to the fear factory anytime soon.

Close your eyes if you don’t like psychotic, murderous clowns…

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