The reason we don’t want to see your firework pics this November 5th…


They’re rubbish

They’re always rubbish

Gold ones ? #fireworks

A photo posted by Esther (@thedeadredhead) on

They very rarely look like this

Reflections of Earth ? . #epcot #disney #fireworks #canon #instagood

A photo posted by Mark Evan (@markevanl) on

And using the hashtag #romantic doesn’t help in any way

FYI, this is just #fog

Foggy fireworks last night #guyfawkes #fireworks #bonfire #bonfirenight

A photo posted by Will P (@will.p86) on

Remember when you were at school and your parents would get some cheap fireworks from Kwik Save for the garden…

And the next day everyone read about ‘Catherine wheel fires’ in the paper

Why would anyone want this picture on their phone?

U light up my way!! #sparkles #fireworks

A photo posted by michaela (@biancapuchero) on

Seriously, this is just a blurry light


A photo posted by Shelly Gilard (@shell_starrrr) on

The same effect can be created with the ceiling in my office

Ooh good, a montage…

Got to watch the Halloween fireworks with my favourite fella ❤️ @treesunsky #beautiful #fireworks #halloween #fire

A photo posted by Jessica Natania Valentinsen? (@jess.n.valentinsen) on

Just watch the show

Phone-ception on New Years ???

A photo posted by @jochophosho on

It’s better when you can see the whole sky

Stars and stripes fireworks #BBP4th @brooklynbridgepark #july4 #fireworks #starsandstripes

A photo posted by I'm julienne (@camilleschaer) on

Go back to taking pictures of your cat (or in this case, rabbit) looking autumnal

Or, go to Disney World

Photo: Jeff Krause

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