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Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris can feel like a stressful task, but once you’re in the Disney Magic, it will all be worth it. I have a DIY guide to planning Disneyland Paris, but there is an easier option to book if you want to keep things simple. Did you know, you can buy a complete Disneyland Paris Eurostar Package for your trip that includes transport, hotel and park tickets?  Better still,, who I always recommend for theme park tickets, sell Eurostar to Disneyland Paris packages directly from their site. I had a look at the packages available and they can actually work out really good value.

How to find a Disneyland Paris Eurostar package from

It’s not immediately clear on the website that sell Disneyland Paris Eurostar package deals, but I will show you below how to find exactly what you need. If you decide not to travel to on the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris and choose to drive or fly instead, you can purchase a park + hotel-only package as well. But, what is the easiest and cheapest way to buy your Disneyland Paris Eurostar package? Let’s take a look:

Is it best to book a Disneyland Paris Eurostar package or do everything separately? Eurostar to Disneyland Paris

characters in disneyland paris
Getting there is so easy (Image:

I am usually an advocate of booking everything separately, but for short trip it can work out more or less the same price and with far minimal effort. Plus, everyone knows booking a Disney trip can be complicated so I’m a fan of anything that can simplify the process.

For a price comparison, I compared a Disneyland Paris Eurostar package on with the same trip, booked separately, and the results are in:

A Disneyland Paris package for two adults and two children, including Eurostar tickets from London St Pancras, a two-night stay in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and 3-day-2-park tickets at was £1793.21
(Plus you receive a free £25 Disney gift card to spend on food or merchandise and 10 free photographic prints*

Booked separately, the same room at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne with 3-day-2-park tickets was £1339.21
(You also receive a free £25 Disney gift card and a FREE Disney+ subscription for 12 months).

Return tickets on for two adults and two children were £447.84

This came in at £1787.05.

The DIY price was only £6 cheaper than the Disneyland Paris Eurostar package with tickets. *based on the same travel dates, 24th-26th October and correct at time of publishing (Aug 2023)

How to book the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris at

The page to book Eurostar to Disneyland Paris packages from is not always that obvious, so follow these steps to make sure you get to the right place. From the homepage, select ‘Onsite hotels’ and then ‘Disneyland Paris Hotels’. A blue box will be shown alongside the current deal and there is a small tab in that box that says ‘Hotel+Tickets+Eurostar’. Select that option and put in the dates and guests that you want to be included with your Disneyland Paris Eurostar package.

Once you have purchased your Disneyland Paris Eurostar package, you will receive an email with your Eurostar tickets and a code to link your family park passes and hotel reservation to the official Disneyland Paris app. The cool thing about Disneyland Paris hotels is that you can actually check in in advance and go directly to your room when it is ready. Just make sure all your reservations and tickets are linked in the app before you travel.

Is it worth staying at a Disneyland Paris hotel?

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Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris (Image:

Being onsite does come with perks that guests in other hotels or Airbnb properties don’t receive. The most rewarding perk is the Extra Magic Hour, meaning Disney hotel guests can get into the parks an hour before the regular ticket holders. Travelling with my six and three-year-old, the extra magic hour was fully utilised. We stayed at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and since the kids wake up early, we were some of the first guests in the park and we managed to ride three attractions and get some crowd-free pictures in front of the castle before the gates even opened.

You can also make use of the Disney Express luggage service. For a small fee (currently £16 per person), you can have your suitcases taken directly to your room and go straight into the Disney Parks as soon as you get off the train. Pretty cool.

We also liked the fact we could go back to the hotel to chill between a busy day at the parks and the evening fireworks, which in mid-summer do not start until it gets dark at 10pm. It’s great for travelling with younger kids and babies because they can go back to the hotel to nap if necessary.

Benefits of the Disneyland Paris Eurostar package with the Disneyland Paris Meal Plan

Booking a Disneyland Paris Eurostar package and staying on property at a Disney hotel also means you can take advantage of the Disneyland Paris Meal Plan. This is only available to hotel guests and can save money on food and drink during your time in the parks. Find out more about the meal plan here.

We had a great time on our recent visit to Disneyland Paris and it was so easy to find a package with I worked with to put this post together, but I was not paid to promote the benefits of booking Disneyland Paris Eurostar packages. As always, all opinions remain my own.

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