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  • Location UK Staycation Sail
  • Bed comfiness 8/10
  • Pool Four pools and splash zones
  • WIFI Decent cruise wifi at £xx per day
  • Parking Parking at the Cruise Terminal ( £40 for 2 days
  • Best thing? Children's activities and theming

In 2021, the Disney Magic left her usual home in the Bahamas and sailed to the UK for a series of UK staycation sails. We were lucky enough to join the Disney Cruise Line in Southampton with our two children, Finn and Isobel, and we all had the most fantastic time.

Disney have just announced that next summer, it’s the Disney Dream ship that will be sailing from our shores and this time cruises will be docking in the UK, as well as Spain, France, the British Isles, Norway and Iceland. Dates are yet to be confirmed, but tickets are on sale from May 9th, with an advanced sale on May 2nd, so if you want to experience a Disney cruise from the UK, now is the time to strike!

disney cruise verandah room
We had the best time on the Disney Magic at Sea (Image: Helen Wright)

Disney Cruise Line room types

If you have never cruised before, deciding which style of stateroom is best for your trip can be confusing. The good news is that Disney Cruise Line are widely regarded as having some of the best staterooms at sea. From high-end interiors, super comfy beds and just-that-little-bit-of-extra-space, compared to some other cruise lines, a stay on a Disney ship can completely change your cruise experience.

As expected with Disney, attention to detail, guest experience and a continuation of their strong brand identity means guests are treated to the very best during their sail. This includes Broadway-style shows, character interactions, quality dining and luxury staterooms. The Disney Cruise Line isn’t the cheapest cruise operator to sail with, but you are guaranteed a quality, high-end cruise experience, that is in some ways unrivalled due to the enchanting Disney theming and entertainment.

disney cruise verandah room pics
So many balcony roooms (image: Helen Wright)

What different staterooms do the Disney Cruise Line offer?

There are four general stateroom categories on Disney Cruise Line, and although they differ slightly, these are pretty much the same across all four ships in the fleet (Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy. Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Wish sets sail for her maiden voyage in July 2022).

The top tier staterooms are the Concierge Suites, which provide fancy accommodations for parties of 5 to 7 Guests and all have verandah balconies.

Oceanview Verandah Staterooms sleep three to five guests and offer private balconies. A Verandah Stateroom means you will have your own outdoor space to get some fresh air and enjoy the view. Each balcony has a small table and two chairs. Verandah Staterooms are particularly ideal for parents on a cruise with their children, as once the little ones go to bed, you can relax on the balcony without worrying about waking up the kids or having to sit in the dark, once they are asleep. I talk more about this in my cruising with toddlers post. Even if you don’t want to sit on the verandah, the ability to have the door open and get some fresh air was a priority for me.

Oceanview rooms are slightly smaller than the Verandah staterooms and have porthole windows that look out to sea, but no balconies, so you can’t open the window fully or go outside. These staterooms sleep three to four 3 to 4 guests.

Interior staterooms
are inside staterooms that sleep three to four guests. They are similar in style to the Oceanview rooms but do not have a window or view of the outside. Despite this, interior rooms are often the first staterooms to sell out on the Disney Cruise Line because they are the cheapest. Some people often find they sleep better in an interior stateroom because they can be very dark. You may also feel less movement from the ship on choppy waters, due to their location in the centre of the vessel.

Why choose a Disney Ocean View Verandah Stateroom on the Disney Cruise Line?

disney cruise verandah room magic
Official image (Disney Cruise Line)

The best way to choose the right room on a Disney Cruise Line holiday is to think about how you would like to enjoy your cruise. If you want to spend some quiet time away from the other guests, an Oceanview Verandah stateroom may be best to allow you that outside space and a bit of extra room. If you want to enjoy absolutely everything there is on board and don’t anticipate spending any time in the room, an interior stateroom will be fine as you’ll only be there to sleep anyway.

Travelling with two children under 5, we stayed in a Disney Oceanview Verandah Stateroom on the Disney Magic and it was perfect for us. As our children are energetic, we all had enough space to hang out in the cabin and there was enough room to put up Isobel’s crib. With so much to enjoy during the day, children were asleep by 9pm and Simon and I could sit on the balcony and have a glass of wine and some snacks. Room service is available in your stateroom 24-hours a day and most meal items are included in the price of your cruise, which is fantastic.

Our cruise on the Disney Magic

disney cruise verandah room magic
The best welcome (Image: Helen Wright)

During our cruise on the Disney Cruise Line from Southampton, we celebrated Isobel’s birthday. Disney picked up on this and when we arrived to our Oceanview Verandah Stateroom, it had been decorated with birthday decorations for her. It was such a fantastic surprise and both kids were overjoyed.

disney cruise verandah room magic
The verandah room is spacious by cruise standards (Image:

Room for everyone in the Disney Magic Ocean View Verandah Stateroom

disney cruise verandah room magic
disney cruise verandah room magic review
Plenty of room for four of us (Images:

We were really impressed with the stateroom, which had more space than I was expecting. The rooms had been newly renovated and they were sleek and impressive. There was a large double bed (which I can confirm is very comfortable) and a living area toward the back of the room for relaxing in. Here, there was a sofa bed, large TV, mirror, desk and fridge. This space would also become Finn and Isobel’s bedroom, and there was a curtain separating the two areas, which is great. This meant that once they were in bed, we didn’t have to creep around in the dark on our side of the divide. Due to the large glass patio doors, the stateroom also felt very bright and airy, which was nice when were using it during the day.

disney cruise verandah room magic review
The concierge set up the crib while we were at dinner (Image: Helen Wright)

When we first entered the stateroom, the children’s sleeping area hadn’t been set up. At first I became worried (with so many people boarding at the same time), however, we didn’t need to panic. Each set of staterooms has its own host, and he reassured us that while we were at dinner, Finn’s bed and Isobel’s crib would be set up. When we arrived back to the cabin, it had been prepared for bedtime and their beds had been lovingly set up. Although, Isobel wanted to sleep in with Finn, of course!

disney cruise verandah room magic disney cruise line disney magic balcony
Besties (Image: Helen Wright)

Disney Cruise Line Ocean View Verandah Stateroom – a look at the bathroom

Being new to cruising, I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the bathroom in our stateroom. However, I was really impressed with the bathroom, which although was a little snug, was cleverly designed and managed to be functional yet stylish.

I was even more impressed when I discovered the Oceanview Verandah Staterooms on the Disney Magic have a bathtub! Travelling with kids, having a bath makes life a lot easier, but I really wasn’t expecting to get a bath in a compact cruise ship cabin. With a cruise line that is very popular with families travelling with children, it makes sense that staterooms on Disney Cruise Line would have a bath, but I was still delighted to discover we had one.

bath disney cruise line
disney cruise verandahf amily balcony prices
The bath was ideal for the kids (image: passportstamps)

Products provided in the bathroom are Disney-branded shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, with a hand soap for the sink. The bathroom décor uses simple details to provide an overall luxury feel in the bathroom. Towels are provided and more can be requested from your floor steward.

Is the balcony safe with kids?

disney cruise verandah room magic
The balcony is safe, but be cautious (image:

Is having a balcony on a cruise suitable for young children? Obviously, this really depends on the cruise and the children. Not exactly helpful, but I am no expert other than as a parent to my own kids. To me, the balcony felt very safe, the railing is high and it is covered with a protective screen to stop small arms and legs poking out or smaller children being able to climb through. I am confident that the balcony is safe and we had no concerns with staying in a room with a balcony.

There is more on this included on my tips for taking a cruise with a toddler post, but we talked to the children about safety and told them they must not stand on the chairs or tables. We pushed the furniture as far away from the edge of the balcony as we could.

It was definitely a bonus to have a balcony on this cruise. We enjoyed using it and the kids loved being able to wave at passing ships and vessels and to look out for fish and dolphins. Our UK sail was not boiling hot, but I can imagine a nice breeze as you cruise through the Bahamas would, indeed, be a dream.

What is the decor like in Disney Cruise Line staterooms?

disney cruise verandah room magic
The decor is classy with subtle references (Image:

The first time I sailed on Disney Cruise Line was to report on whether the Disney cruise was suitable for adults travelling without kids. My verdict was, absolutely yes! There are designated adult-only areas, over-21 bars and restaurants, a wonderful spa and a pool with no-children allowed in. One concern during this assignment was that the ship would be ‘twee’ or too ‘Disney’ for the sophisticated traveller. I personally loved the way the ship interior is designed, with quality, stylish decor that includes very subtle Disney references, but follows an elegant nautical theme. Of course there are areas of the ship that are Disney overload – and rightly so. But, anyone worried about sleeping in a Mickey-shaped bed or drying themselves with a Toy Story towel can relax.

What else to expect:

balcony room disney cruise verandah
Luggage was waiting for us (Image:

After you check into Disney Cruise Line, your luggage is taken and delivered to your allocated stateroom. This is a stress-free way to arrive, as you can get straight on with exploring the ship until the cabin floors open for guests. This is usually late afternoon on the first day of your sale, so be sure to pack a cabin bag containing items you may need during the day. Find out more about this and pick up some tips here.

Our experience on the Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic at Sea

disney cruise verandah room magic
The cruise was magical (Image:

Even though we were not sailing though the Bahamas on the Disney Magic, we absolutely loved our experience on Disney Cruise Line. The gorgeous stateroom was only the beginning. The food (even at the buffet) exceeded expectations, the on-board musicals were sensational, there was an abundance of characters to meet and greet, including Princesses, Marvel characters and favourites like Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. The kids loved practically every aspect of the cruise and haven’t stopped talking about it since we docked back at Southampton.

disney cruise line characters
disney cruise line characters
The kids LOVED it (image: Helen Wright)

The best cruise for kids

It’s certainly difficult to say whether the Disney Cruise Line is the best cruise for kids, as we haven’t sailed on any other cruise lines, but it would hard to beat what was offered on board Disney Magic and Disney Dream. A cruise coupled with a visit to Walt Disney World is the stuff of dreams – and well, that’s kind of the idea.

For more on the 2023 Disney Cruise Line sailings from the UK, visit

disney cruise line characters
The best trip! (Image: Helen Wright)

Thank you to Disney Parks UK and Disney Cruise Line for inviting us on board the Disney Magic at Sea. This is not a sponsored post, but we were sailing as guests of Disney.


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