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The Results: Easter trivia answers

what is easter trivia
Rainbow eggs for Easter (image: Stephanie Lamphere)

1. (b) No, Easter does not fall on the same day each year. The date of Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, on or after the 21st March. In 2021 Easter Sunday is on 4 April.

2. Eggs are associated with Easter because, (b) they symbolise new life (but they can be really cute too). For Christians, Easter eggs are used as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus.

3. (d) Easter Egg Hunt is the name of the game.

4. (b) Bonnet. An Easter bonnet is made and decorated for Easter, usually as part of a goodhearted competition.

5. Shrove Tuesday is the day we all get to scoff PANCAKES (a)

6. The 40 days before Easter is called Lent (c)

7. (d) Hot Cross Buns are the bun of choice at Easter

8. 95 countries around the world celebrate Easter

9. True! Easter Island is a real place. And why is it called Easter Island? The Dutch explorer who was the island’s first-recorded European visitor arrived on Easter Sunday in 1722, So ‘Easter Island’ became its nickname and its current official Spanish name in Chile is still Isla de Pascua (which translates to Easter Island). The island also has a Polynesian name, which is Rapa Nui, and means ‘naval of the world’.

what is easter trivia
Easter Island is incredible (image: Mayumi Ishikawa)

10. (c) Simnel Cake is the name of the traditional Easter cake decorated with marzipan balls.

11. (a) Chick. It wouldn’t feel like easter without these chirpy cuties!

12. (c) Mourning Saturday is not part of holy week

13. (a) Donkey. Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding a humble donkey.

14. (c) The Last Supper. Surely the most famous dinner party ever? On Maundy Thursday Jesus dined with his disciples for the last time.

15. (a) The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is a huge tradition in the USA

16. E.B.’s dream job in HOP is (d) Drummer in a rock band.

17. A modern, digital ‘easter egg’ often refers to (a) a message, image, or feature that is hidden in a video game or film.

18. The enormous Haux Easter omelette requires (c) 4,500 eggs, all pre-cracked and mixed by the occupants of the village. The Haux omelette is so huge, it also contains 4kg of salt and pepper – that is the average weight of a domestic house cat! Woah.

greece red easter eggs
Traditional red eggs (Image: Jim Kandias)

19. (b) Greece only celebrates with red Easter eggs. The eggs represent the blood of Christ and rebirth. In Greece, they also play a household game with the eggs called Tsougrisma, which translates as ‘clinking’ and involves two opponents trying to crack the other’s egg first. https://www.thespruceeats.com/greek-easter-egg-game-1705738

20. (d) Thumper is the lovable rabbit in the Disney Classic Bambi

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