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The London Quiz Answers

1. B) Winnie the Pooh.
A.A Milne regularly used to visit London Zoo with his son, Christopher Robin Milne. Christopher’s favourite animal was a Canadian black bear called Winnie, who went on to inspire the character of Winnie-the-Pooh, first published in 1926. The ZSL London Zoo even has a Winnie-the-Pooh day each year to celebrate the literary connection.

2. C) 4.
London has four UNESCO world heritage sites: The Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Westminster Palace and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

3. C)
The Notting Hill Carnival is the most colourful weekend of the year.

4. B)
Australia House, home to the Australian Embassy in London doubles up as Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter movies. The inside is spectacular and it’s recreation at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida is quite remarkable.

5. B) 1843.
The stunning Wilton’s Music Hall in east London is the world’s oldest surviving Music Hall.

london quiz questions
The iconic Wiltons (Image: Raffi Youredjian)

6. True!
London hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, 1948 and in 2012, which is more than any other city. The USA has hosted the summer Olympics the most times, but not in the same city.

7. C) Transport For London.
The company replaced London Transport (or London Regional Transport) in 2000.

8. A) The Brit School.
Alumni includes Adele, Leona Lewis, the late Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash. Such talent! In fact, the school claims that ‘just under 100% of all students go on to find work in creative industries’.

9. C) Blackfriars
This tube and mainline station has entrances on both sides of The Thames.

10. B) Bag O’Nails
The iconic club was the venue of Jimi Hendrix’s first ever London gig as well as the place where Paul McCartney met Linda Eastman – who later became Linda McCartney, of course.

11. A) Buckingham Palace.
The London Marathon takes its final leg along The Mall, where Buckingham Palace stands proudly, and regally, at the end.

12. A) Jerry Springer was BORN on the London Underground.
His mother went into labour while hiding out in Highgate Underground Station during an air raid on the city in 1944. His parents were Jewish immigrants who lived in East Finchley.

best restaurants near sadlers wells
London’s arts scene is enviable (image: Peter Voerman)

13. C) Sadler’s Wells
The theatre is a famous dance and performing arts venue in Islington.

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14. B) The Apollo Victoria
London’s largest theatre can seat 2,384 people. Wicked is currently showing at The Apollo Victoria, and before that Starlight Express.

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15. A) 58 years
Until the Covid-19 pandemic, The Mousetrap, a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie, ran continuously in London’s West End and is the longest continuously running show. The play opened in London’s West End in 1952 and ran until March 16, 2020.

16. C) Central line
The red line will whisk you out to beautiful Epping Forest where The Queen used to have her own garden.

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buses in essex old london bus
Go back in time in Essex (Image: Paul Van der Hulks)

17. A) London Airport
It was the original name of London’s Heathrow Airport – because it was the only one!

18. C) Camden Town
Of course, cool Camden had to be the main setting for the cult film ‘Withnail and I’. It was also the home of Amy Winehouse before her death in 2011.

19. A) The Prince Charles Cinema
This art house cinema in Leicester Square is loved by movie fans across the world, including the legendary Quentin Tarantino.

20. C) Dippy
Cute name for the giant Diplodocus on display at the Natural History Museum.

21. A) Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks was released in 1967.
London Calling didn’t come out until 1979 and London Girls was much later, in 1996.

22. C) Robin Hood.
The film takes place in Nottingham, England, as per the real life story.

23. B) Five floors.
The MI6 headquarters is protected with five storeys underground.

24. A) The American Bar
This small, chic speakeasy at The Savoy usually has live jazz and is one of the chicest bars in London.

25. C) 775!
The Queen’s house is BIG – and apparently has so many clocks, it has its own in-house clockmaker!

And that’s it! How did you do?



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