Kids Easter quiz: A fun family quiz about Easter


Happy Easter! Even if you are not a regular church-goer, Easter is still an interesting and fun festival for kids to enjoy and you can get them involved with this fun kids Easter quiz (and, maybe even learn a few things too). It’s easy to see why younger children get excited about Easter; scavenger hunts in the garden, cute bunnies or baby chicks and more chocolate than Christmas! But, for Christians, this pastel-coloured playdate is the most important date in the religious calendar, and a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is a great way to introduce kids to the story of Jesus and celebrate the new life of spring. Plus, it’s also a much-loved opportunity to spend time with our families. This kids quiz about Easter, containing 20 multiple choice Easter trivia questions will test their knowledge, and you might even learn a thing or two too.

Grab a pen and paper, a bag of mini eggs and get ready to play our fun Christmas quiz for kids!


There are 20 Easter questions, all multiple choice. Pick the answer you think is correct. try to answer all 20 and then click on the link at the end of the quiz to see the answers. No cheating!

Ready steady hop!

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Fun trivia quiz about Easter

easter quiz kids
Happy Easter bunny… (Image: DaPuglet)

1. Does Easter happen on the same day every year?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Only on Leap Years

2. For what reason are Eggs commonly associated with Easter?

a) They are a good source of protein
b) They symbolise new life
c) To use up all the Christmas chocolate
d) Because they look super cute

3. Now, here is a question for a kids Easter quiz: What is the name of the game where you go searching for Easter eggs and collect them in a basket?

a) Easter Smash
b) Easter Adventure
c) Easter Hide and Seek
d) Easter Egg Hunt

4. What type of hat is traditionally made and decorated at Easter for a special parade?

a) Egg Cap
b) Bonnet
c) Bunny Ears
d) Hot Cross Hat

5. Which yummy food do you make on Shrove Tuesday?

a) Pancakes
b) Scrambled egg on toast
c) Rabbit stew
d) Turkey dinner

6. What is the religious name for the 40 days before Easter?

a) February
b) Dry January
c) Lent
d) Rent

7. What type of cake-style bun do people eat at Easter?

a) Rainbow Bagel
b) Cross-shaped sponge
c) Dinosaur Egg Pudding
d) Hot Cross Buns

8. This is a tricky question for a kids Easter quiz! How many countries around the world mark the Christian celebration of Easter?

a) 38 countries
b) 52 countries
c) 95 countries
d) 123 countries

9. True or False: Easter Island is a real place in the World

what is easter trivia
Rainbow eggs for Easter (image: Stephanie Lamphere)

You’re halfway through our fun quiz about Easter. Keep going – you’re doing great!

10. Name the traditional Easter cake that is decorated with 12 marzipan balls?

a) Signal Cake
b) Silly Cake
c) Simnel Cake
d) Supper Cake

11. No quiz about Easter is complete without the Easter bunny! But, which other animal is commonly seen around Easter?

a) Chick
b) Cow
c) Parrot
d) Elephant

12. Which of these is NOT a day of holy week?

a) Maundy Thursday
b) Good Friday
c) Mourning Saturday
d) Palm Sunday

13. The first day of Holy Week celebrates Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem riding on which animal?

a) Donkey
b) Dragon
c) White Horse
d) Tiger

14. What is the name of the meal eaten on Maundy Thursday in the bible?

a) The Big Dinner
b) The First Banquet
c) The Last Supper
d) The Red Feast

15. The U.S. President traditionally holds an famous Easter event outside The White House on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. What is it called?

a) The annual White House Easter Egg Roll
b) The annual White House Easter Fun Run
c) The annual White House Easter Bunny Hop
d) The annual White House Easter Egg smash

16. Top question for a kids Easter quiz (I bet the grown ups don’t know). In the movie ‘Hop’ – what is E.B.’s dream job?

a) Carrot farmer
b) Soap Opera actor
c) Doctor
d) Drummer in a rock band

17. What is a modern, digital ‘easter egg’?

a) A message, image, or feature that is hidden in a video game or film
b) A secret mention of Jesus in a non-Easter movie
c) A DVD that is not round, but egg shaped
d) A mistake found in a digital video game or film

18. In France, every Easter Monday, the residents of Haux make a massive Easter omelette that serves over 1,000 people. How many eggs are cracked into the giant pan?

a) 10,000
b) 6,250
c) 4,500
d) 2,000

greece red easter eggs
Traditional red eggs (Image: Jim Kandias)

19. Most places celebrate by painting eggs in rainbow colours, but which country only has red Easter eggs?

a) Italy
b) Greece
c) China
d) Denmark

20. Which of these famous rabbits features in a Disney Classic movie?

a) Peter Rabbit
b) Roger Rabbit
c) Velveteen Rabbit
d) Thumper



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