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Hamilton Musical Trivia Answers

Lin-Manuel Miranda has brought so much joy into our lives, but non greater than the best musical ever – Hamilton! Disney Plus streamed the award-winning musical into our living rooms and we created this fun quiz to test our knowledge and have a bit of fun during lockdown.

We asked 25 Hamilton trivia questions based on our favourite Hamilton songs – how many did you get right? Let’s count the scores and see!


Hamilton on Disney Plus (image: Disney© / Disney Plus /Lin Manuel Miranda)

1. French immigrant Marquis de Lafayette represents the work ethic of non-Americans during the revolution.

2. ‘In New York you can be a new man!’ As heard in the opening number of the show, Alexander Hamilton.

3. Hamilton needs to talk less and smile more, as Aaron Burr tells him in Aaron Burr, Sir.

4. It’s Peggy herself who sings this as she tries to stand out during The Schuyler Sisters.

5. King George threatens to kill their friends and family if the founding fathers continue to disobey him.

6. George Washington says ‘dying is easy, living is harder’ in Right Hand Man.

7. Angelica wants women to be considered equal to men in a revision of the declaration of independence. In fact, women were not afforded full equal rights in the USA until the 80s*. And since some States still rule against a women’s right to have an abortion, some might argue they still don’t… This great article contains a timeline of women’s rights in America.

8. Thomas Jefferson’s home was in Virginia. Discover some amazing and historical places to visit in our post on Virgina: Old roots in cool boots

9. Aaron Burr wants to be in the room where it happens. Don’t we all!

10. Alex and Phillip joke that EVERYTHING is legal in New Jersey?

11. Eliza ‘lives another 50 years’ but it’s ‘not enough’.

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12. How well do you know Satisfied then?

I’m a girl in a world in which
My only job is to MARRY RICH
My father has no sons so I’m the one
Who has to social climb for one
So I’m the OLDEST and the WITTIEST and the gossip in
New York City is insidious
And Alexander is PENNILESS

13. ‘How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore…‘ is the first line OF HAMILTON: An American musical

14. Eliza laughs at her sister because she wants to form a Harem.

15. Aaron Burr describes himself as ‘inimitable’ and ‘an original’ in the brilliant song Wait For It. Find out why we think Wait for It is the most important song in Hamilton.

16. King George III sings ‘da da da dat da, da da da da dat da da…’ 94 times in ‘You’ll be back’.


17. Marquis de Lafayette is America’s ‘favourite fighting Frenchman’.

18. Macbeth is the play referenced by Hamilton when he thinks his colleagues view him as a villain.

19. Angelica knows Alex would not have misplaced a comma by mistake, therefore calling her his ‘dearest’. This funny article in LA Magazine calls it ‘comma sexting’.

20. Philip (Alexander Hamilton’s son) and Theodosia (Aaron Burr’s daughter) will come of age with the young nation.

21. By admitting his affair in The Reynolds Pamphlet, Hamilton effectively makes himself unelectable as the American President (which seems ridiculous now doesn’t it…)

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22. During ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’, Angelica sings ‘there are moments when you’re in too deep, it’s easier to just swim down‘.

23. Alexander is young, scrappy and hungry, just like his country

24. Alexander says he ‘imagines death so much it feels more like a memory’

25. ‘Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?’ is the last line sung in the whole show?

Watch Hamilton on Disney Plus at disneyplus.com

The cast take a bow on Disney Plus ((image: Disney© / Disney Plus /Lin Manuel Miranda)

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