15 Fun Disney Kids Trivia Questions


Hi there, hey there ho there, it’s a Disney kind of quiz! We love everything about Disney, from the catchy sing-along songs, the magical theme parks and, of course, the wonderful Disney and Pixar movies. We also love to play all kinds of Disney games and that is why we have put together this quiz of 15 fun Disney Kids Trivia Questions for you to play with your family.

Our Disney quiz for kids will help you challenge the grown-ups with 15 fun questions all about Disney trivia. Do you know more about Moana than auntie Maureen? Can you beat your brother on questions about Queen Elsa?

Fun multiple choice Disney kids trivia questions

Grab a pen and paper, your favourite Disney T-shirt and a funky pair of Mickey Ears and get ready to play our fun Disney kids trivia questions and answers quiz!


There are fifteen Disney Kids Trivia Questions, all multiple choice. Pick the answer you think is correct. try to answer all 15 and then click on the link at the end of the quiz to see the answers. No cheating!

Let’s go – let it goooooooo!

15 Fun Disney kids trivia questions

Disney Quiz Questions and Answers
‘You ‘aint never had a friend like me’ (Image: JD Hancock)

1. In Beauty and the Beast, what is the name of Mrs Potts’ son?

a) Gaston
b) Chopper
c) Chip
d) Lil’cup

2. Snow White makes 7 little friends in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which of the below is NOT the name of one of the dwarves?

a) Dopey
b) Doc
c) Grumpy
d) Smiley

3. In Frozen, Kristoff tells Anna that his troll friends in the forest are experts in what skill?

a) Love Experts
b) Ice Experts
c) Snow Experts
d) Rendeer Experts

4. Where does Winnie The Pooh live?

a) Sherwood Forest
b) One Hundred Acre Wood
c) The Woodland Honey Forest
d) Corona Forest

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Walt Disney World 50th anniversary (Disney)

5. At Walt Disney World in Florida, the gorgeous castle at Magic Kingdom Park belongs to which Princess?

a) Sleeping Beauty
b) Belle
c) Cinderella
d) Snow White

Are you excited about new attractions opening at Walt Disney World?

6. Now we are really testing you with our Disney kids trivia questions! Buzz Lightyear is named after a famous astronaut who was one of the first people to walk on the moon. But do you know the astronaut’s name?

a) Buzz Lightning Bolt
b) Buzz Bonnerton
c) Buzz McCalister
d) Buzz Aldrin

7. In The Adventures of Peter Pan, how does Captain Hook end up with a hook for a hand?

a) A crocodile bit his hand off
b) He was born with only one hand
c) Tinkerbell put a spell on him
d) He lost his hand in a boat accident

Peter Pan was written by a fellow Brit, J.M Barrie. We love these fun facts about the famous pixie.

8. Which of these Disney films is NOT based on a real life person?

a) Pocahontas
b) Mulan
c) Princess and the Frog
d) Robin Hood


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(Pic: inside The Magic)

9. Are you enjoying our Disney kids trivia questions? We think you’ll know this one – but you might have to sing! In the Disney song ‘Under the Sea’ from The Little Mermaid, Sebastian sings that the fish are ‘sad’ because they are…

a) in the sea
b) in the bowl
c) on the table
d) on the land

10. In the sequel to Wreck It Ralph, what does Ralph do?

a) breaks the wall
b) breaks the game
c) breaks the internet
d) breaks free

11. You could say that Hercules was Disney’s original ‘influencer’ with his endorsements and sponsorship deals that are joked about in the song ‘Zero to Hero’. But what is the name of his sought-after sandals? (Clue: they sound very similar to a famous sportswear brand collaboration).

a) Champ crocs
b) Air Hercs
c) Puma Pumps
d) Olympics

12. Which traditional fairytale is the Disney movie Tangled based on?

a) The Princess and the Pea
b) Red Riding Hood
c) Heidi
d) Rapunzel

13. Lilo and Stitch is set in which U.S. state?

a) California
b) New England
c) Hawaii
d) Florida

14. In Cars, what is the name of the town along Route 66 where Lightning McQueen ends up as he tried to make his way to the big Piston Cup Championship?

a) Radiator Springs
b) Dusty Springfield
c) Las Vrroomgas
d) Sleepy Dashboard

15. What does Mary Poppins suggest the children have with their medicine?

a) A cup of tea
b) A cuddle
c) A hamburger
d) A spoonful of Sugar

That’s the end of our fun Disney kids Trivia Questions quiz! How do you think you scored?

CLICK HERE to see all the answers to our Disney kids trivia and calculate your score!


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