Christmas trivia questions and ANSWERS 2020


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You have reached our Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz ANSWERS PAGE. No spoilers here – so if you want to play the quiz from the beginning, click here.


christmas movie trivia macys
Do you believe? (Image: Steve Harris)

There are two rounds of 25 questions, all themed around our favourite Christmas movie trivia. If you want to play, click here to go back to the main quiz page. If you just want some fun Christmas movie trivia, you’re in the right place!

THE Christmas movie trivia quiz: round one

1. Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks plays the Conductor along with four other characters in The Polar Express, including the lead boy (hero boy), his dad, the hobo, and Santa Claus, bringing the total characters played by the actor up to five.

2. The Plaza Hotel.
The gorgeous Plaza Hotel in Manhattan sits right on the edge of Central Park, offering perfect views of the city along 5th Avenue and of the famous Central Park Ice Skating pond. See our post with top tips on when and where to ice skate in New York City.

3. The Turbo Man doll
Jingle All The Way stars former governor of California, and Hollywood hard man Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4. Holiday Inn
Many people think the song was first performed in the film of the same name, White Christmas, when in fact Bing Crosby sang the song ‘White Christmas’ in Holiday Inn, which came out in 1942. White Christmas didn’t hit movie theatres for another 12 years!

5. Canada
The Canadian territory of Nunavut lies closest to the North Pole. The North Pole is the northernmost point on the Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole. It defines geodetic latitude 90° North, as well as the direction of true north, so at least Santa always knows how to get home.

6. Bedford Falls
It’s a Wonderful Life, is set in the fictional town of Bedford Falls (which is loosely assumed to be in upstate New York).

7. Somewhere in my Memory
This is my absolute favourite Christmas song! The music was composed by John Williams and the lyrics were written by Leslie Bricusse. John Williams created the musical score for Home Alone, and ‘Somewhere in my Memory’ was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, but lost out (criminally) to Stephen Sondheim, for ‘Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man)’ from Dick Tracy, starring Madonna. This is a great piece on the beauty of Home Alone’s music.

christmas movie trivia
Romance is: chasing your true love through the airport on Christmas eve (Image: quadriman brother)

8. London Heathrow
80 million passengers travel through LHR every year and the airport serves 204 destinations worldwide.

9. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The ‘king of Christmas’, John Hughes, wrote this brilliant film starring Steve Martin and John Candy based on his own experience of trying to travel home to Chicago for Thanksgiving.

10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
John Hughes strikes again in this comedy about Clark Griswold’s failed attempt to put on the perfect family Christmas.

11. London (in the 19th Century).
The colourful Christmas movie is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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12. C.F. Coles
The fictional department store doubled up as Macy’s for the movie remake of Miracle on 34th Street.

13. The Daily Telegraph
Kate Winslet is a hopeless romantic who writes about other people’s weddings in the famous UK broadsheet newspaper.

14. Illinois
Like in many of John Hughes’ films, Kevin’s family in Home Alone live in Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois.

christmas movie quiz home alone
The Ultimate Christmas house (Image: Ben Schumin)

(Thanks to Ben Schumin/Flickr for this image)

Have you been to Chicago? Read our guide to the city for first timers.

15. Age 10
Macauley Culkin was 10 when he took on his starring role in Home Alone, although his character was only eight. The part was written specifically for him after he appeared in Uncle Buck the previous year (1989). That means Kevin would be celebrating his 40th birthday in just two years time! YIKES.

16. The Nightmare Before Xmas
This fantastic animation combines my two favourite holidays – Halloween and Christmas!

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17. Jim Carrey
It’s The Grinch! Jim Carrey has starred in How the Grinch Stole Christmas which made (£260m), Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (£200m),
Macauley Culkin comes in at a very close second with £458m for Home Alone and Home Alone 2 combined.

18. Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina’s ex is the naughtiest Santa on the block

19. A reindeer
Bridget mocks Mark Darcy’s jumper in her diary but he was wearing it because his mum bought it for him! Aww

20. Meet Me In St Louis
Not strictly a Christmas film, as Meet Me In St Louis spans 12 months, but Judy Garland’s signature song seals the deal.

21. Last Christmas
The 2019 Christmas film set in London and starring Emilia Clarke was the first movie that Emma Thompson collaborated on with her husband, Greg Wise. They came up with the idea together – at Christmas!

22. Cameron Diaz’s L.A Mansion
The epic San Marino mansion that features in The Holiday was listed for sale at a whopping $12 million. Makes the Home Alone house (which sold for $1.5million) seem like a bargain, doesn’t it?!

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christmas film quiz 2020
We can see why Kevin wanted to spend Christmas in NYC (Image: Andreas Komodromos)

23. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
This massive Christmas tree is an iconic New York City landmark during the festive period and since Kevin loves Christmas trees, his mum knew he would be there on Christmas Eve. There has been a tree in Rockefeller Plaza since 1931.

24. Christine Baranski
The Mamma Mia and The Good Wife star plays Mila Kunis’ mum in Bad Mom’s Christmas and we love her!

25. Professor Dumbledore
Someone magic up the guy some socks already!

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How did you do in round one of our Christmas quiz? To test your knowledge in part two, CLICK HERE to return to the main quiz page.

The best Christmas movie quiz questions and answers 2020

Diane Von Furstenberg tree
Christmas at Claridges, London (image: Claridges)

Christmas movie trivia quiz: round two ANSWERS

1. Georgia
This pretty U.S state is stealing Hollywood’s movie real estate, with some big blockbusters being filmed there these days, including Contagion (2011) and a number of Marvel Studios productions, including Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, as well as Ant Man and the Wasp and Black Panther.

2. The Kringle 3000
If you spread enough Christmas cheer, you won’t need it though!

3. Marley and Me
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol does have a character called Jacob Marley, but the soppy doggie movie with Jennifer Aniston is not based on the Dickensian masterpiece.

4. Susie
I probably would have gone with something more festive, but the baby is named after Buddy’s mom, so we’ll allow it.

5. There was NO snow
Green Christmas maybe?

Did yo know it snows in California? Find out where

6. Sweet Home Alabama
Reece Witherspoon has to go back to her hometown to get a divorce. And that’s just not very Christmassy, is it?

7. The Santa Clause
Let Tim Allen’s expanding waistline be a lesson to you if you’re scoffing mince pies while you do this quiz…

8. Borough Market
Which would be a ridiculously expensive place to live… but it looks pretty!

christmas quiz questions and answers
Covent Garden gets a starring role in Last Christmas, but does it feature in Bridget Jones’ Diary? (Image: Tony Hisgett)

9. Andrew Ridgeley from Wham.
George Michael’s fellow Wham band member can be seen in the audience at the homeless shelter Christmas concert

10. Bad Santa
I feel like the Czech Republic very much misunderstands this movie…

11. Mel Gibson
Braveheart, yes. St Nick? No.

12. Get Santa
This sweet film starring Jim Broadbent was primarily filmed in Yorkshire

13. Noelle
The film didn’t get great reviews but it has a groundbreaking, kick ass female Santa, so it’s a yes from us.

14. Florida
The McCallister’s go to Florida (without Kevin) but if you remember from the film, it’s pouring with rain! Oh dear.

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christmas in the sun
Festive palm trees for Christmas in the sun (Image: Thomas Hart)

15. The Knight before Christmas
Okay, it’s made for teenagers but it’s still pretty lame.

16. Die Hard
Some say it’s a Christmas movie. Some don’t. We like muscles on Christmas Eve, so Die Hard FTW.

17. Krampus
This Christmas comedy horror film based on an eponymous character from Austro-Bavarian folklore, which is said to be the original story of Christmas…

18. Home Alone 2
And he is just as cringeworthy as he is now.

19. Both Christmas films star the legend that is Alan Rickman.
In fact, Die Hard was Alan’s first ever feature-length film.

20. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Gremlins break into the cinema and the film playing is Snow White – which they are transfixed by and it calms them down long enough for the kids to escape.

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snow at christmas
It’s beginning to look like an English Christmastime (image: Alan Bloom)

21. The Snowman
This hand-drawn animated classic came out in 1982 and is my dad and my son’s favourite Christmas film. It isn’t widely distributed in the USA, so American’s go look it up! For more information, check out the cutest little website for The Snowman

22. Smiling
Of course! Smiling is Elf’s favourite, as he happily tells the grumpy store manager at Gimbels.

23. Sandy Claws

24. Hugh Grant’s character, Will, is a lazy rich boy who lives off the royalties of his dad’s one-hit-wonder Christmas song, Santa’s Super Sleigh.

25. Love is all around
The Wet Wet Wet version that featured in Four Weddings and a Funeral was number one in the UK charts for 15 weeks.

And that’s it! You have completed part two of our Christmas movie quiz! If you enjoyed the quiz, why not tweet us with your final score?

How did you do?


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