SIX secrets Ibiza has been keeping from you

By Rebecca Dent

I make no secret of my love for the white isle, if I had a drum to bang and pom poms to wave then I’d be a very noisy, highly uncoordinated secret Ibiza cheerleader. As someone who has clocked up around 15 or so visits over ten years (one for five months) my favourite hobby is converting the unconverted and sharing my Ibiza secrets. I recently introduced a friend for the first time and made sure she had this list of secret ibiza things you simply HAVE to do. From the Kave Ibiza, to Ibiza secret spots, hidden things to do in Ibiza and secret parties Ibiza – I just want everyone to have the best time! If it’s your first or second / third / forth time to Ibiza, my Ibiza secrets my not be particularly wacky or weird but these are some of the best Ibiza secret spots you need to go to in 2019. Even if you are searching for unusual things to do in Ibiza, most people usually miss out on these secret ibiza spots, despite the whole island being only 31 miles across.

Secret Ibiza – six Ibiza secrets you need to know before you go

The Ibiza sunset that brings out your INNER PIRATE – the best Sunset in Ibiza

Get spiritual

Ibiza sunsets are famed around the world and for good reason! The burnt orange skies are breathtakingly beautiful and despite a few inconsiderably parked boats, if you’re enjoying sundown Ibiza style, it’s impossible to have a bad view. Some people clap, some people cry, but those in the know escape the crowds at Ibiza nightlife hotspot, Café Mambo, for a different, dare I say, more ‘spiritual’ experience. If you have a car, crave adventure and don’t mind getting a bit lost, then seek out the abandoned pirate tower ibiza for the best sunset ibiza can offer. At the top of a cliff overlooking the Es Vedra cave, a giant rock rises out of the water, casting its shadow on the shore below. It’s thought to be the third most magnetic point on earth after the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle, so is a top spot for spiritual Ibiza converts. The odd Es Vedra magnetic field affects electrical equipment, compasses and upsets birds’ sense of direction. Local folklore says a witch used to live on the pirate tower but most will recognise the island from the cover of Mike Oldfield’s Voyager album. The musician lived on Ibiza in a house facing the magical Es Vedra and word has it that Noel Gallagher lives there now, topping the list of Ibiza secret places. If climbing the rocky steep path isn’t your thing, or you only have flip flops, chill by the hippie caves Ibiza, on the lower rocks with the hippies who stop by for a chant and a dance; it’s just as magical.

secret beaches ibiza – WHERE TO SUNBATHE ON A HIDDEN BEACH

Image: Sammy K

In the same area as the pirate tower is the elusive Atlantis beach, topping the list for secret beaches ibiza and famed for its beauty and enchantment. Only the really brave (or really stupid) attempt the torturous climb down a sheer cliff face to find the hippie cave Ibiza. Although, those who have reached the sandy shore all say it’s well worth the expedition. There are weird and wonderful rock formations made thousands of years ago, mystical caves and no one else around, giving these secret caves ibiza their well-deserved mysterious appeal. If you want to find the Ibiza hidden cove of Atlantis, you can either take your pick of vague ‘the cave ibiza’ blogs on the net that go along the lines of ‘follow the trail of stones to a rock’ (clue it’s quite near the pirate watch tower.) Or, if like me you prefer to cheat and get salty from the sea rather than sweat, boat charters by affordable companies like Ibiza Med can help you out for the right price.


Get on the list for coolest parties in town

Of course, no trip to Ibiza is complete without a good dollop of dancing. Fear not, there’s still oodles of cool away from the suns-out-guns-out-posse at secret parties Ibiza. tiNI and the gang at No Name Bar is one of the fab little ibiza secret spots, where you can boogie at an Ibiza beach party with the sand between your toes until midnight when Ibiza moves indoors. Ibiza’s music laws have become very strict in recent years, so you won’t find a single speaker outside at 00.01 thanks to hefty, strongly-enforced fines. A cave party Ibiza style is where to go next. If you’re really into getting your Sherlock on, you might be able to sniff out a rave in a cave, the ultimate jackpot for exclusive secret parties Ibiza with a mega sound system and amazing acoustics. Yep – Rave Cave Ibiza is literally in a cave! The catch is, the location of Ibiza’s secret parties changes every season, you’ll have to befriend a few locals first because the kave Ibiza movement is all about who you know and more importantly, who they know…

Ibiza secrets – Cave rave, secret cave parties and more!

secret Ibiza food spots – WHAT ALL THE LOCALS ARE EATING

photo: Michela Simoncini

For such a small island, the standard and the choice of restaurants, takeaways, snacks and even nibbles is incredible. It seems every month another of my friends has discovered a new favourite-yet-previously-unknown secret Ibiza top spot. Ibiza still holds the crown for the best food I have ever eaten, and it’s the same for pretty much all of my friends, lots of whom have now decamped there permanently. Eating alfresco inside Eivissa Castle walls is worth the extra euro for both the food and atmosphere. For a very special occasion, Las Dos Lunas is a exclusive and beautiful restaurant, frequented by the well-heeled Spanish jet set and set in a exquisite garden. For something less likely to bankrupt you, my current favourite cheap food Ibiza budget option has to be Kumharas in San Antonio Bay. It’s quirky and ideal for those bragging Instagram snaps without compromising on quality. If you want to be ‘proper Ibiza’, opt to dine outside in the tunnel cave Ibiza, sitting on thai-style mats. The food is always creative and delicately prepared but it’s the unique dining experience and atmosphere that I love. Meanwhile, in the adjoining outdoor bar, belly dancers and fire spinners dazzle the relaxed crowds who sip on mint-packed mojitos. If you’re looking for a quick bite, head to Pennsylvania Burger, just off the west end strip. The family-run business sell high quality handmade burgers, cooked in front of you to order. Don’t go in there expecting a chat – at this budget Ibiza secret there is always a queue out of the door! If you’re into burgers and going to Ibiza, you could do a lot worse than checking out this burger blog. Mmmm….

celebrity spots ibiza – HOW TO GET PAPPED ON A BOAT

Photo: Chris Nelson

Playground of the rich and famous, Formentera, is Ibiza’s little sister. If you are looking for Ibiza’s celebrity seal of approval, this not-so-secret spot Ibiza is it. Only 30 mins from the Island, Leonardo DiCaprio is regularly spotted moored just off its shores with pal Bradley Cooper, alongside P Diddy, the former One Directioners and Kate Moss. Basically, if they’re beautiful and famous then they’re very likely sunning themselves on a super yacht adjacent to one of Formentera’s immaculate white sandy beaches. Sadly, for us peasants it’s less ‘yacht’ and more Ibiza ‘ferry’… The island is largely inaccessible and the only way is to get to Formentera by boat from Ibiza, making it worth the effort – especially if you’re looking for peace, tranquillity, more Ibiza secrets and rustic romance. There are options to hire small yachts if you club together with a group of mates (or randoms you just met yesterday on the beach). It’s well worth a little splurge to live like a rock star for the day. You’re looking at around €200-€300 each for a group of eight. Plus, there is a man whose job it is to swim between boats with a waterproof backpack selling instant mojitos! (we want that job!) We’re guessing he’s a lot healthier than we are, but what the hell – we’re on holiday!

Adventure Ibiza – WHY EVERYONE IS GETTING ON BOARD with Ibiza activities

Paddleboarding in Ibiza

No, not on a surfboard – this is Ibiza, not San Diego… Everyone is super laid back here so the way to adventure Ibiza is to enjoy the calm seas from a much more stable, stand-up paddle board. When it comes to active Ibiza activities, paddle boarding is a far more relaxed affair than surfing and ideally suited to the chilled out surf. In fact, once you get the hang of it it’s the ideal transport for exploring hidden Ibiza,  Ibiza’s little nooks, crannies and secret caves. You can have lessons, hire boards for your own little Ibiza adventures or go on a guided excursion. iHoppers also do a Full Moon tour and Ibiza sunset sails and we can confirm the sundown Ibiza view looks pretty awe-inspiring from the water.


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