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Below are the answers to our Kids multiple-choice Disney Quiz – help us out by sharing the quiz on Facebook!

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See how well you did on our kids Disney quiz and mark your score out of 15. We have also linked to lots of related Disney events and experiences you might enjoy next year.


1. c) Chip
In Beauty and the Beast, Mrs Potts’ son is called Chip. Cute detail, you can actually see a little ‘chip’ on the edge of his cup shape.

2. d) Smiley is NOT the name of one of the seven dwarves?

3. a) Love Experts. Of course, the trolls are experts in LOVE!

4. b) One Hundred Acre Wood. Everyone’s favourite bear, Winnie The Pooh lives in a forest that is actually based on a real place: Ashdown Forest in England, UK

disney world 50th anniversary
Walt Disney World 50th anniversary (Disney)

5. c) Cinderella Castle is the iconic centrepiece of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Sleeping Beauty has two castles! One at Disneyland Paris and one at the Original Disneyland Park in California.

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6. d) Buzz Aldrin was the famous astronaut that Buzz Lightyear is named after.

7. a) A crocodile bit his hand off. Remember… never smile at a crocodile!

8. c) Princess and the Frog. As far as we know, Tiana is not based on any real life legends. However, Pocahontas, Mulan and Robin Hood are all based on the legendary stories of real heroes.

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9. b) in the bowl. Of course, they would rather be under the sea. Anything they got down there is better than anything we got up here!

10. c) breaks the internet. In the sequel to Wreck It Ralph, Ralph and Vanellope find a WiFi router and end up becoming a bit of a sensation.

11. b) Air Hercs. You could say that Hercules was Disney’s original ‘influencer’ with his endorsements and sponsorship deals – especially this one which lightly mocks Nike Air Jordan shoes.

DID YOU KNOW: Nike originated in Oregon. We took a family RV trip around the whole state last year. See how we made it work.

12. d) Rapunzel is the traditional fairytale that Tangled is based on.

13. c) Hawaii. Lilo and Stitch is set in the tropical land of Aloha!

14. a) Radiator Springs. In Cars, Lightning McQueen ends up warming to this town as he makes his way to the big Piston Cup Championship.

15. d) A spoonful of Sugar. Mary Poppins insists it helps the medicine go down.

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That’s the end of our fun Disney kids Trivia Questions quiz! How did you do?

Score 10-15: You are an official Disney expert! Maybe it’s time for our REALLY HARD Disney Quiz? A cast member for 30 years only scored 75% on this quiz. Can you do better?

Score 5-10: You definitely know your Disney stuff. Excellent movie and music knowledge, kid!

Score 1-5: You did great – now let’s watch all the movies you again as ‘homework’.

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