The best walls of Walt Disney World and where to find them


It’s the biggest trend to come out of Disney since Disneybounding (we haven’t got time to go down that rabbit hole, but if you must, Huff Post explains). Walls of Walt Disney World, or #Disneywalls is the new Influencer trend at Walt Disney World. While most of the population head to Orlando to sprint down Main Street USA like a sugar-high five-year-old, there is a cult phenomenon growing online about where to find the perfect Instagram backdrop – and it sure is pretty.

Perfect pastels and bold décor make the Florida Disney parks the ideal place to build the ‘Gram grid of dreams. Whether it’s the lovely Purple Wall (which is flattering for just about everyone), the funky Bubblegum Wall or the stylish Morocco Wall, this is about more than just bricks. The real pros decide which wall they want in advance and bring the clothes to match, sometimes even packing multiple outfits and a choice of ears. Oh yes, when it comes to Disney + Instagram, it’s go hard or go home.

A definitive list of the best walls of Walt Disney World and where to find them

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Magic Kingdom

The Purple Wall

Found at the entrance to Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. This Instagram hit is the perfect pastel pantone. No matter what your skin type, gender or outfit choice, it’s somehow flattering for everyone and is now possibly the most famous of all the walls. WARNING – #purplewall may be an endangered species. There is talk of the wall being painted over! How could they? Get there quick before it turns Racing Green or something. Above, @brookeboatman and a friend get the perfect shot.
Hashtag: #PurpleWall
Dedicated account: @purplewallphotos

The Tangled Wall

We talk about #TangledWall in our original post here, but the prettiest public toilet we know can be found at Liberty Square, near to the Haunted Mansion. From horseshoe signs to rainbow brickwork, medieval bunting and swirly murals, you’ll definitely want to freshen up here. There are lots of cute props from the film that you may recognise, but the backdrop that has started popping up on Instagram grids everywhere is Repunzel’s hand-painted gold and purple artwork and it’s just lovely. Above, @neishamonay smashes the ears + wall sub-trend.
Hashtag: #TangledWall
Dedicated account: @TangledWall


The Bubblegum Wall

This is the main game player and the wall that started it all. This wavy pink, peach and blue print is perfect to give your Insta a boost. You can find the second most famous set of bricks at Walt Disney World (after Cinderella Castle, of course) at the exit to Spaceship Earth, behind the big Epcot globe. You seriously can’t miss it. Above, @vlovesDisney gets the shot everyone wants.
Hashtag: #BubblegumWall
Dedicated account: @bubblegumwallphotos

Blueberry Wall

Talk about productive grid work, this is just a hop, skip and a jump away from #BubblegumWall. They’re mates. Catch this one in the right sun for the perfect lighting. Above, @abbycorkins strikes a pose.
Hashtag: #BlueberryWall
Dedicated account: @BlueberryWallPhotos

The Land Wall

The Land Pavilion is quite underrated – as both a Walt Disney World area and as a #Disneywall. Due to the popularity of the Soarin’ ride, most people head over to cash in their FastPass and then disappear again for a few hours. But, before you race over to Test Track, get your shot in front of the beautiful mosaic walls at the entrance to The Land. We have to admit, there is so much going on in there we didn’t even notice them first time around. Above, @amandaferreria23 had no problems tracking it down.
Hashtag: #TheLandWall
Dedicated account: @thelandwall

The Toothpaste Wall

The Seas With Nemo and Friends is somewhere we’d definitely want to go anyway, because, duh. But the exit to the aquarium is home to the, now famous, Toothpaste Wall. Possibly our favourite of the collection and also the best wall for boys who are slave to the ‘Gram. Although, pretty sure @marc.penna, above, would look good next to any wall tbh…
Hashtag: #toothpastewall
Dedicated account: @thetoothpastewall

Mission Space Wall

This one is a new entry with no cult following yet – so you read it here first*. The texture on this wall makes it look like a bouncy castle and it’s a great neutral backdrop if bright and bold colours aren’t your thing. (*oh, okay, we read about it on a Disney fan forum…) Above, @nevergrowup captures the whole wall in all its glory but shies away from the lens.
Hashtag: #MissionSpaceWall
Dedicated account: No dedicated account yet!

Morocco Wall

To be honest, there are so many unique backdrops in Epcot’s World Showcase this post could go on for days, but the lobby in the Morocco Pavilion is one that is gaining notoriety. Beautifully positioned blue, green and brown tiled walls make this a key, yet underrated #Disneywalls location. Above, @stephaniefengn matches the concept perfectly.
Hashtag: #moroccopavilion
Dedicated account: @visitmoroccowalls

Animal Kingdom

The You Are Most Beautiful Wall

The famous bike prop at Harambe Market features in our Instagram Hot Spots at Walt Disney World post but serious DisneyWallers head to the You Are Most Beautiful Wall, which is almost hidden by a staff entrance just a bit further down. Above, @bibbidibobbidi_brooke perfectly embodies the sentiment.
Hashtag: #YouAreMostBeautifulWall / #HarambeMarket
Dedicated account: @youaremostbeautifulwall

The Pandora Moss Wall

This photo-ready spot in Pandora – The World of Avatar is probably the newest wall to attract the Insta army. Opposite the Satu’li Canteen restaurant is this magical wall, which almost looks as though it changes colour in different light. This is also a good wall for guys and the green will make your Disney #OOTD pop. Above, @frncissdomic packed the perfect custom-made ears and gets it spot on.
Hashtag: #MossWall
Dedicated account: @pandoramosswall

Disney Springs

Disney Springs Wall

This one is the cool wall. Disney Springs (formally named Downtown Disney) has had a major overhaul over the last few years and now it’s a slick shopping mecca, and not just for those multicoloured Minnie ears either. Zara, Anthtopologie and Kate Spade have all moved in and there are over 56 restaurants and bars to refresh after a long day of Disneywalling. Of course, Disney Springs had to have a hot spot of its own and this contemporary grey mural wall is just along from Starbucks. Above, @melaniepace compliments in the perfect Disney Springs outfit.
Hashtag: #DisneySpringsWall
Dedicated account: @DisneySpringsWall


Hardcore Disneywallers always want a little bit extra and so there are a few cult walls of Walt Disney World within the Disney resort hotels. The good news is you can hop on a free bus from the parks to reach these beauties but it’s going to take a chunk out of your day.


The Neon Mickey Wall

Disney’s contemporary resort is one of our favourites. There’s just something about it that says old-school 70s glam. Plus, it has the BEST view of the fireworks from its terrace and an incredible infinity pool. But back to what’s really important, it also has a cool wall – obvs. The lesser known Neon Mickey Wall can be found here, outside the Fantasia Store. For this resort you can also take the monorail from Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so it’s easier to get to than some others. Plus, the neon-ness is just cooler and less twee than the rest. Game on #wallfans. Above, this snap from @sarah_maher7 is gorgeous!
Hashtag: #neonmickeywall
Dedicated account: @NeonMickeyWall


Too be honest, this of all the Disney Resort hotels probably has the greatest amount of character art photo ops thanks to the gorgeous wall drawings. Plus, it is home to one of our favourite gift shops in Walt Disney World so we’re always happy to take a trip here.

The Cotton Candy Wall

The Cotton Candy Wall can be found in the Nemo Suites area as you walk in from the pool. This is probably my favourite backdrop for kids probably because the bubbly cloud walls make for a child’s bedroom of dreams. Above, @disneydayley made the trip to Disney’s AOA.
Hashtag: #cottoncandywall
Dedicated account: @CottonCandyWall

Art of Animation Wall

The extremely underrated Art of Animation Wall is the underdog of Disneywalls and therefore the one you definitely want to hunt for. We love being part of the #wallsofdisneyworld gang but when it comes to Instagram, originality is key. This wall is a bright and bold, zig-zag, colour pop bonanza so go nuts!
Hashtag: #ArtofAnimationWall
Dedicated account: No dedicated account yet!

Bookmark this page – we’ve got our eye on the wall (see what we did there?) so if any new Instagram hot spot Walls of Walt Disney World pop up then you’ll be the first to know. If you manage to get ALL 14 walls mentioned above – Tweet us or tag us on Instagram and we’ll add you to a gallery below! For more great places to take pictures at Walt Disney World, click here! Happy #Disneywalling!

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