The best Instagram hot spots at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean Instagram magic… Yep, while you’re wandering around enjoying your day at the happiest place on earth there is a full time Instagram underworld hiding in plain sight. These ‘attractions’ may not be listed on the guide map but you will find a myriad of Walt Disney World Instagram spots just waiting for your smartphone snap. The #KodakMoment has been replaced by #GramGoals and these Disney destinations are the hottest spots forthe best Disney Instagram pictures.


The ‘Walls’

Unless your Instagoals are stronger than your holiday goals, this may be a phenomenon reserved for those truly dedicated to the ‘gram. If you think the painting and decorating is purely DIY at Disney, think again. #WallsofWaltDisneyWorld is a ‘thing’ with numerous accounts, influencers and hashtags devoted to getting snap happy with the coveted colouramas for the best Disney Instagram pictures on social media. Ranging from the ‘purple wall’ to the ‘toothpaste wall’ to the ‘blueberry wall…(we had no idea either!), these Walt Disney Instagram spots are just waiting for you to pop up and pose. For our list of the best and most famous Instagram Disney Walls, click here.
Above, @Ameliabakz poses like a pro on the Bubblegum Wall.

The Castle Shot

When it comes to money shots, you’ve paid a lot of dollars for this one so make it count. Cinderella Castle is THE view you’ve been waiting for. Tourists have been posing for this picture perfect shot since 1971 and unless you are one of the first mouseketeers in, you may have to jostle for position with your fellow Magic Kingdom explorers to get it. But, there are a few other spots to capture the castle in all its glory. You can get a great angle of the turrets with far fewer tourists in shot from the bridge en route to Liberty Square. From this secret Walt Disney World Instagram spot, you can snap the castle and the surrounding forest and lakes without the crowds. The other ideal vista of Cinderalla’s digs is actually from one of the rides. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) PeopleMover, before you reach Space Mountain is a gentle train ride suitable for all ages. Have your camera ready as right at the beginning of the ride as you turn the corner you can get this vantage view of the castle and one of the best Disney Instagram pictures.

Above, @didneybidness knows the TTA secret.

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The Epcot Ball

This super snapshot is another firm favourite of the Walt Disney World Instagram hot spots. Did you know the official name of the ‘Epcot golf ball’ is the Spaceship Earth Geosphere (us neither). The best thing about the famous globe is that it can be captured from almost any angle and is much easier to get a good shot for your grid than Cinderella Castle is. The 55-metre-high structure is so beautifully lit at night that the best pictures are often taken after dark. Plus, it’s right behind here you’ll find the cult Instagram location – the purple wall.

The lesser-known Disney Instagram spots

The Harambe Market Bike (Animal Kingdom)

This one is a lesser-known Instagram favourite, this time to be found at Animal Kingdom. Before you reach the entrance to the Wildlife Express Train, you’ll pass the Harambe Market, which incidentally is a great place to refuel with some African street food snacks too. But before you do, get your pose on with the retro orange bike. This vintage lovely, complete with rainbow spokes, makes for a cute and alternative way to display your Disney day.

Tangled Bathroom (Magic Kingdom)

We’re not sure if this became an Instagram hot spot organically or due to a secret mission by Disney (because the restrooms were rumoured to cost $8 million) but either way, we’re on board. By the way, ‘restrooms’ are what the American’s call public toilets but they aren’t usually as pretty as these animated lovelies. From horseshoe signs to rainbow brickwork, medieval bunting and swirly murals, you’ll definitely want to have a tinkle here. There are lots of cute props from the film that you may recognise, but the backdrop that has started popping up on Instagram grids everywhere is Repunzel’s hand-painted gold and purple artwork. The lovely latrines can be found at Liberty Square, near to the Haunted Mansion. Above, @Disneyby_b is perfectly framed by the Tangled mural.

Ear Shot

You’ve packed your bags, bought your tickets and travelled 4,000 miles on a plane, so if you’re not going to get involved in the Mickey and Minnie ear madness, I mean, what’s the point? At the park, official Walt Disney World ears cost from $19 – $25 but there is a whole other movement of custom-made, designer Mickey ears going on around the web that we can’t even fathom. As well as being a Disney fan right of passage, the ears make A+ props to use at all the Instagram hot spots of Walt Disney World and make your pals at home jealous. Plus, from #squadgoals to castle photo frames, it goes without saying they are an Instagram dream. Above, @SamBondPhotography provides this adorable shot.

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Balloon rainbow

This is the best Disney Instagram pictures to shoot, mainly because you don’t have to be in it! Unless you have enough dollar to buy the whole bunch – at $12 a balloon that would be a lot. Just sneak up behind one of the sellers and get your shot against the (hopefully) blue sky.

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