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It’s fair to say that planning to eat at Disney World can be super stressful. With thousands of people every day trying to dine at Disney, getting a table can be a bit of a bun fight (excuse the pun). Advanced reservations for Disney’s sit-down restaurants open 60 days ahead of your visit and the most popular places (including Topolinos Terrace, Space 220 and Be Our Guest) get snapped up almost immediately when the booking window opens, which can lead to disappointment. However, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that table service restaurants are not the only way to eat at Walt Disney World. In fact, some of the best Disney snacks are available ALL the time with no reservations required.
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The best Disney World snacks and foods are hiding in plain sight

The famous Mickey Waffle (Image: Turtle きうこ)

I don’t know you about you, but when I was a relative newcomer to the parks, I was all about the rides and attractions. Grabbing a quick burger or hot dog as I navigated the lands was more than sufficient to keep me going for hours. As I clocked up more than 30 visits to Walt Disney World over the years, dashing around and trying to do as much as I possibly can in a day has given way to more laid-back Disney trips. Now I pick and choose the attractions I want to experience and take a far more relaxed approach, casually exploring the parks and taking in the Disney magic.

This leaves me with more time to experience sit-down restaurants, but I actually prefer a day-long tapas of the best Disney World snacks as I go around and let’s just say, I never leave hungry! Some quick service counters and carts serve Disney snacks you won’t find anywhere else. Some are Instagram-tastic or Disney-shaped and some are just downright delicious. I sampled all the Disney World snacks so you can cheat (tough gig, but someone had to do it), and find the absolute best Disney World snacks and foods you have to try during your visit. Bookmark this page!

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The absolute best Disney World Snacks to try at the parks

1. Hamburger Spring Rolls

Get them from: Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $9.50 (for two)

cheesburger spring rolls disney world snacks
(Image: Taken from my Instagram Stories)

This American take on the modest Asian Dim Sum has quietly become one of the cult Disney snacks, thanks mainly to social media. I only tried them for the first time this year and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure they would live up to the hype, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s easy to walk right past the spring roll cart, which can be found to the left of Cinderella Castle, towards Adventureland (between Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean), but there is always a small line, so you’ll know it when you see it.

food at disney world spring rolls
They don’t look muchm but taste good! (Image: passportstamps.uk)

It’s hard to explain how they taste, but quite simply, they are like a McDonalds Cheeseburger wrapped in pastry! In short; Burger: Good. Cheese: Good. Filo Pastry: Good. What’s not to like? They are filling too, you get two per portion and they’re pretty big (this is America). During the 50th Anniversary, the cart was also offering Pastrami and Pepperjack Cheese Spring Rolls. I wasn’t as keen on these Disney snacks, but Simon loved them. In the past there have been Pizza Spring Rolls and Buffalo Chicken Rolls, so I’m excited to see what kooky combo they will come up with next!

2. Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots

Get them from: Friar’s Nook at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $9.49

savoury disney snacks walt disney world tater tots
Top tots at Magic Kingdom (Image: passportstamps.uk)

Everything on this list is good, but the Loaded Tots from Friar’s Nook (in Fantasyland, opposite the carousel) are up there with my very favourite Disney snacks to eat at the parks. I like them because they are really delicious, not weird and easy for everyone to share. For my fellow Brits out there, ‘tater tots’ are basically deep-fried potatoes (which offer some variety from the millions of fries you end up eating in the USA) and have the perfect crispy crunch, giving way to hot and fluffy potato inside. I’m not sure why we don’t have more of these in the UK, to be honest. Anyway, I digress.

The Buffalo Chicken Tots are the best. Potatoes, with buffalo chicken chunks, topped with crumbly blue cheese, ranch dressing and sprinkles of celery make these one of the best snacks at Disney World. But, here’s the catch – they aren’t always available, as Disney seems to rotate its popular options to keep everyone on their toes, presumably. However, the alternative is almost as excellent and probably more kid-friendly too. The Creamy Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Tots ($10.99) are a mix of Mac ‘n’ Cheese, tater tots and bacon bits, served with a dollop of sour cream and a scattering of spring onions. We shared a portion between the four of us and immediately went back for a second helping!

The best Disney World snacks (and my favourite)

3. Chicken Waffle Sandwich 

Get it from: Sleepy Hollow at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $11.29

disney chicken waffle snack best quick service foods
The best food at Magic Kingdom (Image: passportstamps.uk)

This quick-service café with open-air seating is one of my favourites. For starters, the tables are set up in a delightfully shady area away from the crowds and the menu is short and simple, serving only four items that are all pretty good. By far, the stand out snack is the delicious Chicken Waffle Sandwich – which is my FAVOURITE quick-service food in the entire Walt Disney World Resort (bold statement). It’s just such a winner, consisting of crispy fried chicken, laced with some sort of sweet glaze, wrapped in a soft waffle with American ‘slaw (I call it that because it’s crunchy and not swimming in mayo). Price-wise, it’s on the spendy side and not that ideal for sharing (aside from the fact that I also don’t *want* to share it…), but it’s not like we eat chicken and waffles very often at home, so treat yourself!

It really is a treat, too.

4. Candied Bacon and Chicken Skewers

Get them from: Westward Ho Refreshments in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $9.99

disney world foods
Chicken or Bacon? (Image: insatiablemunch)

Another easy-to-miss stand with a small menu is the Westward Ho Refreshments hut, which is situated close to Country Bear Jamboree. I have to say, Disney’s big giant turkey legs are not for me (*sold elsewhere), but for a meaty fix with extra flavour, go for the Candied Bacon Skewers (brown sugar-coated, thick-cut bacon on a stick, thank you ma’am). They also do a Sweet and Spicy Chicken Skewer at the same window. Both served with salted crisps.

5. Jalepeno Poppers

Get them from: Westward Ho Refreshments in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $5.49

While you are at Westward Ho, it would almost be rude not to leave without a portion of breaded jalapeno poppers. Stuffed with nacho cheese and just spicy enough for a flavour explosion, this sexy side order could almost be the main event.

6. Dole Whip Float

Get it from: Aloha Isle Refreshments at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: $7.49

dole whip disney
Aloha! (Image: passportstamps.uk)

Unless you have been living on Xandar (Disney in-joke there), you’ll already know Dole Whip is THE frozen Disney treat to devour – and photograph! I’m going to be controversial and say I prefer this pineapple party as a float, rather than the classic cone. On a hot day, a slurp of perfect pineapple followed by an ice cream chaser is just about perfect.

While it lasts, my ultimate favourite Dole Whip Float is the 50th Anniversary Tropical Serenade Float. This tropical mix is the traditional pineapple with orange and guava juice, served with coconut ice cream and a pineapple cake pop. SO good. *You can substitute the coconut ice cream for the original Dole Whip soft serve too. I sometimes do this to simplify it as I have to be in the mood for coconut.

7. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Get it from: Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom Park
Price: $24

lobster mac and cheese disney
The classiest spot at Disney (Image: O.Taillon)

So, here’s a Disney secret for you: The spectacular Lobster Mac and Cheese at Nomad Lounge isn’t even on the menu! However, if you want to sample this creamy, cheesy, shellfish sensation, always ask your server because it often available as a special. Nomad Lounge is one my favourite restaurants at Walt Disney World because it definitely has a sophisticated feel to it and is a welcome break from the crazy, colourful world of Disney that we know and love. Whilst not strictly an adult-only space, Nomad Lounge is mostly frequented by over-21s, so those on a kid-free break can use it as a stylish escape. Plus, its riverside location can pass as romantic.

8. Churros

Get them from: Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom Park
Price: $9

If you get a sweet spot at Nomad Lounge, take advantage and have dessert there too! You can buy Churros at various places around Walt Disney World, but the churros here are the best. Not entirely sure how, but these indulgent bites manage to be soft and crispy and sugary and salty all at the same time and the dipping chocolate is luxurious.

(Disclaimer: You can also great churros at the Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, so they deserve an honorary mention).

The best Disney World snacks to try at all four theme parks

9. Tony’s Garlic Bread for the table

Get it from: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (or, the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ restaurant to fans).
Price: $11

food at disney world adults
Garlic goodness (Image: Melissa Gore)

Controversial choice, but I LOVE garlic and so this EXTRA garlicy, ciabatta (with Roasted Garlic-Butter), drizzled with Parmesan Fonduta is divine. Tony’s Town Square is not the best rated restaurant at Walt Disney World, but it’s still pretty difficult to get a reservation because it’s known as the Lady and The Tramp restaurant and people like to recreate the pasta-sharing/kiss scene – eww. I probably wouldn’t go through the stress of advanced dining reservations *just* for the garlic bread alone (although it is huge and very tasty) but it can’t hurt wandering up or checking the app for availbility on the day if you’re feeling indulgent.

10. Liège Waffles

Get them from: New Connections Café at EPCOT
Price: $3

Liège [pronounced lee-esh] waffles are Belgium waffles specifically from the city with the same name. Liège waffles are baked with a brioche-like dough and contain pearl sugar. They’re a great snack to have on the move because the pearl sugar gives them a moistness, meaning you don’t need cream or ice cream to accompany them. However, the Disney Liège Waffles at New Connections Café are served with cream, fruit and syrup (because, America) and I have to admit, they are absolutely delicious and the kids loved them too. These are a lot lighter than the American style waffles (Mickey waffles) and less doughy, so if you don’t think you’ll make it to Belgium any time soon, it’s a great opportunity to try them out.

Cool update! To celebrate EPCOT’s 40th anniversary, there is a new jazzy version of the Liège Waffle. This one has a 40 button in the middle and is coated with a sweet glaze, used to stick on rainbow sprinkles. You can actually hold this one and walk, traditional style, making it even better because you can enjoy it during the line for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, which is next door.

(Yes, one of the best Disney World Snacks is a drink…)

11. Blood Orange Margarita

Get it from: Choza de Margarita at the Mexico Pavilion (EPCOT)
Price: $17

Okay, okay, this isn’t technically a food, but it feeds my soul so it made the list. Cosmic Rewind may be the new, hot attraction at EPCOT, but the coolest place to be is the Mexico Pavilion on World Showcase. In particular, Choza de Margarita, the cocktail bar outside which is almost hidden in a shady corner under some palm trees. Here you will get the best margaritas at Disney World. Whether you have them frozen or not frozen, with salt or sugar, the adventurous menu guarantees there will be a tipple to your taste. And they are good.

epcot margarita
A toast to EPCOT (Image: Helen Wright)

Everyone goes for the Frozen Avocado option, but I like the Blood Orange. Taken from Disney’s website – it’s made with ‘Libelula joven tequila, sweet-tart mix of blood orange, gin, LeJay black currant liqueur, Contraluz resposado cristalino mezcal, Hellfire bitters and Tajin chile-lime powder rim’ and I need not say any more. Salud!

12. Ronto Wrap

Get it from: Ronto Roosters at Galaxy’s Edge (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
Price: $12.49

I like a lot of the food at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (honourable mention for the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Kaadu Pork Ribs, $16.99 and the Plant-based Meatballs and hummus, $12.99), but the stand-out grub on this planet has to be the Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roosters. Think roasted pork, sausage and tangy ‘slaw wrapped in warm Pita Bread. It’s outta this world, as they say…

The best Disney World snacks you have to eat

13. VEGAN Hot Link Smokehouse Sandwich

Get it from: Flame Tree Barbeque at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Price: $10.99

best vegan disney world
This was a surprise hit (image: Disney)

I am not vegan myself, but I have to admit this plant-based sandwich is really good! It has a great BBQ taste and isn’t as heavy as stuffing in a rack of ribs, yet has the same smoky flavour. Vegans should look out for the green leaf on menu boards that indicate plant-based options and non-vegans should certainly not write off the revamped plant-based menu at all the parks because you might get a pleasant surprise!

14. Ribs and Chicken Bowl

Get it from: Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom Park
Price: $14.99

I love how Animal Kingdom celebrates foods from around the world, especially those with an African flavour, since many Americans will probably never visit the actual continent. One of my favourite places to grab a quick bite is at Harambe Market, a take on the open-air food hall. It’s actually one of the tastiest places to eat in the whole of Walt Disney World, but my pick would be the Ribs and Chicken Bowl, which is lightly spiced and served with coriander (the Americans call that cilantro by the way), rice and veggies, topped with Salsa.

Harambe Market is also a really cute place for photos and you can find one of the famous Disney walls here.

15: Bavarian Pretzel with beer-cheese fondue

Get it from: BaseLine Tap House at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Price: $9

best disney world snacks
Head to the pub (Image: stu_spivack)

Not all pretzels are created equal, Mickey-shaped or otherwise. Sorry to be a Debbie downer but I find the famous Mickey pretzels in the parks a little dry. However, hidden away in cool corner of Hollywood Studios, you will find an American-style brew pub and on the menu (along with the beer) are the best pretzels at Disney World IMO. Even better, dip the salty bites into the beer-cheese dip that comes with the pretzel, which is made from lager, milk, cheddar cheese and mixed spices. This dimly-lit, airconditioned bar is like a sanctuary from the hot sun and the perfect place to wait for your kids to enjoy the 20-minute Frozen Singalong Celebration…

16. Casey’s Hot Dog

Get it from: Casey’s Corner on Main Street at Magic Kingdom Park
Price: Varies

Never forget the number one theme park rule, which is never to overlook the humble hot dog. I don’t know why, but hot dogs just taste better at theme parks! I can’t resist a hot dog from Casey’s Corner, especially if I am the park late (like recently at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party). They are also ideal to accompany Disney Enchantment over the castle.

As well as the standard hotdog options (plain, chilli dog etc), Casey’s Corner also offers a special hot dog of the month and can serve their dogs with gluten-free buns. Not sure what else to say, other than they are just really great dawgs.

So, there you have it! You can eat your way around Walt Disney World like a king (or queen) and with absolutely no reservation stress to digest. Have you tried any of our suggestions? Message us on Instagram and let us know what you think!

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