Food at Disneyland Paris: 16 cute snacks to Instagram (and eat!)


Are you excited about the food at Disneyland Paris? Well, you should be! If you’ve never visited a Disney park before, you may not know that Disney isn’t just about character interactions and fun attractions. Oh no, no, no; Disney food is a thing and Disney snacks are serious business. At Walt Disney World, the food is an attraction in itself with popular restaurants running out of reservations months in advance and foodies trawling the parks in search of the must-have, cult snacks. There is no doubt that Mickey-shaped snacks are a winner on Instagram and TikTok, and let’s face it, they are pretty tasty too!

The food at Disneyland Paris doesn’t quite whip fans into as big a frenzy as in the USA, but the demand for snacks is growing in popularity, especially with some brand new, fun treats arriving to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, which kicked off in March 2022. During our trip, I set my friends the challenge of trying as many of the cult snacks as possible and below I have listed our favourite Disneyland Paris treats and exactly where to find them (which in some cases, was actually quite difficult!)

Cover photo: Helen Wright. This post contains affiliate links.

FOOD AT DISNEYLAND PARIS: Top treats to track down at the Parks

Some of the food at Disneyland Paris that we simply had to try have been fan favourites for decades, but for the launch of the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the Parisian park has drafted in their best chefs to prepare a special menu of treats and invite you to ‘be our guest’ once again. These are the most eye-catching and/or delicious of the lot:


30th anniversary food at disneyland paris
This snack / souvenir is very popular! (Image: Disney TikTok)

Okay, let’s start with the one I most wanted, which also happened to be the most difficult to find! This totally cute 30th Anniversary Cupcake in a mug acts as a delicious Disney snack and the perfect souvenir to take home. Most of the 30th Anniversary Merchandise is only available in one shop, the New Century Notions store (Flora’s Unique Boutique) at the foot of Main Street USA, but we were properly ‘mugged off’ with this one because it wasn’t for sale in the store.

We did find some other cute merchandise though! Watch the video here!

Despite hunting high and low in every bakery at Disneyland Park, the elusive mug cake was nowhere to be found. We asked multiple cast members, frantically searched the internet and used our usually impeccable detective skills to sniff out the sweet treat but we had no luck. We could have done ‘batter’ to be honest…

Anyway, happy to confirm the Disney Magic is still at large after 30 years in Paris and with a bit of help from the awesome guest services, we found it! And, it was right by Sleeping Beauty Castle the whole time. You can actually pick up the 30th Anniversary Cupcake in a Mug in Discoveryland at the Cool Station Kiosk. I’m going to be honest, it’s the last place I would have checked because it mainly sells Star Wars-themed drinks and snacks, but anyho! However, I am sad to report I never got to take one home for myself as there was an almost constant queue of 25+ people at this particular outpost and it took so long to find it, we ran out of time! Oh well, surely a reason to go back before the 30th festivities end next year*. (*Although no actual end date for the 30th anniversary has yet been announced). 

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Cake in a mug available from Cool Station Kiosk, €15

30th Anniversary Food at Disneyland Paris: The Minnie Mouse Cookie Pop

30th anniversary food at disneyland paris
This cute Minnie Pop is tasty! (Image:

This cute cookie pop was created for the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris and is certain to be a winner with the kids. There is a Mickey one too, of course, but we couldn’t resist the pink pop with the sweet Minnie bow. Not to be mistaken for cake pops (which are also available), this Disney snack is a creamy shortbread cookie on a stick.

disneyland treats
Too good not to eat (Image:

It’s pretty filling (my kids would probably have to attempt it in two or three goes), so it’s a winning choice for keeping younger guests happy and it not disappearing in 30 seconds before they start asking for something else. But, come on, let’s face it – the best thing about these 30th Anniversary Cookie Pops is the instagramming potential! It’s the perfect prop for an iconic castle shot, don’t you think?

The Minnie Biscuit Pop is available from Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA, €5.50

The Groot Cookie

Marvel food Disneyland Paris
I am GROOT (Image:

I saw this shortbread biscuit on social media and I absolutely had to find him. But how can you eat Groot? He’s too cute. With the Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park now open, I’m sure there will be a wider range of outlets to pick up your own Groot cookie, but until then, we found ours at the Hep Cat Corner in the Walt Disney Studios entrance mall to the main park (opposite Les Légendes d’Hollywood Disney Store).

The Groot Biscuit is available from the Hep Cat Corner at Walt Disney Studios, £4.29

The Nutella-filled Mickey Mouse chocolate chip cookie

mickey cookie disney
This one was a winner! (Image:

This one is a good one! I could write a huge paragraph about this little crunch of heaven, but some Disney treats speak for themselves. Quite simply, it’s a thick, soft-but-crunchy chocolate-chip cookie, covered in white chocolate and filled with Nutella. With Mickey Ears. This is all the information you need.

(Other than, it’s available from Boardwalk Candy Palace and priced at €4.50)

30th Anniversary food at Disneyland Paris: All Ears Ice Cream Cone

where to eat at disneyland paris
Very Ice to see you (Image: Disney TikTok)

We didn’t quite make it to the Ice Cream shop. For starters, we visited during the first beautifully spring weekend of the year in France and the demand for photogenic rainbow ice creams with chocolate ears was higher than average. Designed for the 30th anniversary, this colourful cone incorporates a soft whip swirl (in the celebration colours of purple and pink) and cute purple Mickey ears poking from the top. From the ice cream shop on Main Street, this makes the ideal refresher during one of Disneyland Paris’ two parades (Disney Stars on Parade and Dream… and Shine Brighter).

Available from The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour, €5.50

Food at Disneyland Paris: The Iconic Mickey Pizza

Mickey Pizza disneyland paris
A slice of Mickey (Image:

Well this one is a no brainer! You can’t go to Disney without munching on a Mickey-shaped pizza. Even the fussiest eaters will be delighted with this fun lunch, modelled on the main mouse himself. Gratefully, they are not enormous (like the oversized Mickey pizza in Via Napoli at Walt Disney World), so adults can treat this as an easy snack if you’re feeling peckish during the day.

Mickey Pizza available at Pizzeria Bella Notte (large), €16 or Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost (medium), €12

30th Anniversary Purple Cheesecake Pop

Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary snacks
The Purple Pop (Image:

Why has nobody thought of putting a cheesecake on a stick before? This genius Disney snack is perfectly purple for the 30th anniversary and somehow works without melting and dripping everywhere! It’s really tasty too and one of the Disneyland Paris foods that really show off the French patisserie skills behind the Disney snacks at the park. If you want to get involved in the Disneyland Paris snack action, but maybe don’t have as sweet a tooth as some, this is definitely the pop for you.

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Disneyland Paris Cheesecake pop available from Cookie Kitchen on Main Street USA, €5

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Mickey Mouse-Mallow

Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary snacks
Mickey Mouse-mallow (Image:

I know what it’s like, I have kids and they want to eat everything, all day long… That’s why I loved this simple Mickey-shaped marshmallow (or Mickey Mouse-mallow, as I have been calling it – I really do think Disney have missed a trick there… Or, perhaps the French just don’t love a pun quite as much as us Brits?) Anyway, back to the treat in hand, the Mouse-mallow is budget-friendly at only €2.50 and is a fun way to treat kids to some fun food at Disneyland Paris without busting the budget.

Chocolate coated Mickey marshmallow available from Boardwalk Candy Palace, €2.50

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Apricot-filled Mickey Doughnut

mickey doughnut disney snacks
This giant doughnut is budget-friendly (Image:

This beast isn’t quite as photogenic as some of the other limited-edition food at Disneyland Paris for the 30th anniversary. But what it lacks in beauty it certainly makes up for in taste! And it’s still Mickey-shaped. This lush doughnut is soft and silky and filled with delicious apricot jam. This thing is HUGE. Easily enough for a couple to share, and maybe even a whole family. It goes perfectly with the coffee from The Coffee Grinder and also doubles up as an excellent picnic item for watching Dream…and Shine Brighter, the brand new 30th anniversary show on Main Street and in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Celebration Mickey Beignet available at Cookie Kitchen on Main Street USA, €4.50

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Food at Disneyland Paris: The Giant 30th Anniversary Biscuit

food at disneyland paris snacks
A monster cookie (Image:

The giant 30th anniversary biscuit (St Michel shortbread) is another budget-friendly option for families because it’s definitely big enough for the whole family to share. Despite its massive size, the golden biscuit is crunchy and manages to not be dry. The 30th anniversary branding also makes the biscuit a great gift to take home for anyone that didn’t get to be there in person. More than any of the other treats, this sturdy snack travels very well.

Mickey or Minnie St Michel Shortbread, available from Market House Deli, Disneyland Paris hotels and other locations, €12

The classic Mickey Waffle with chocolate sauce

disney paris mickey waffle
It’s still available! (Image: Disney TikTok)

Even outside of the Disney parks, you can’t go wrong with a freshly baked waffle, covered in chocolate and cream. And, well, add the ears and it’s a classic. In 2021, there was a furore after it was announced the Mickey Waffle would no longer be served at Disneyland Park. However, it was misreported at the time as being removed from Disneyland Paris completely, but you can have it on good authority that the wondrous waffle is still for sale, but now exclusively over at Walt Disney Studios park. 

There is actually a 30th Anniversary version of this, which has mini waffles, cream and flower-shaped marshmallows, but sometimes the oldies are the best and this oldie is most certainly a goodie.

Traditional Mickey Waffle with Nutella, available at the Studio Catering Co. truck outside the Studio Theater at Walt Disney Studios Park, €5.99

30th Anniversary delicate Mickey Mousse* (TM)

food at disneyland paris 30th
I have been calling this ‘Mickey Mousse’ (Image:

This decadent dessert is available at a range of table service restaurants at Disneyland Paris and some quick-service windows. It’s a very light, chocolate mousse which is a little on the rich side (but that might just be me). Topped with a white chocolate 30th anniversary button. It’s not huge, but a good option after a sit down meal if you fancy a pudding and want to sample some of the 30th anniversary food at Disneyland Paris.

30th Anniversary dessert, Mickey Mouse Mousse available at multiple locations, including Restaurant en Coulisse and Cafe Hyperion, €5

Raclette from the food stalls at La Place de Rémy

best food at disneyland paris
Making Disney even more cheesy (Image:

You might not see this on other lists about food at Disneyland Paris, but this Disney snack is hella underrated, especially when it’s cold! Rainbow ice cream and Mickey bars are fab when the sun is shining, but Disneyland Paris is open year-round and sometimes it even snows! Step forward this hot and cheesy raclette, found at the food stalls that line the entrance to the Ratatouille area, known as La Place de Rémy.

As well as being delicious, I love that this Disney snack is very unique to the French park and, itself, very French. Raclette comes from the French word that means ‘to scrape’ and is basically hot, melted cheese scraped off the truckle and poured over sliced potatoes. What’s not to like? Especially on a cold day or if you don’t fancy the traditional theme park burger and chips grub, this is one food at Disneyland Paris that is approved by foodies!

stalls at Ratatouille disneyland paris
This area is so cute (Image:

The other stalls also had some alternative options to the usual Disney offering, such as Mulled Wine (yes please), Duck Shepherd’s Pie, Vegan Butternut soup and cured meats. And it had a cute, Christmassy feel, even in March!

Raclette from Les Saveurs de Saison at La Place de Rémy, €5

30th Anniversary Bistrot Sweet Delight (custard-filled Choux bun from Bistrot Chez Rémy)

best restaurant at disneyland paris
Hard to photograph, easy to eat (image:

This is another top choice for foodies at Disneyland Paris. Let’s quickly start with the sit-down restaurant Bistrot Chez Rémy. This is a fun table-service restaurant at Walt Disney Studios Park, ideal for familes and close to the brilliant Ratatouille-themed ride, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. The restaurant is designed as though you have shrunken to the size of a rat, with décor including oversized cookbooks and plates.

Of all the 30th anniversary food at Disneyland Paris, this has to be the most elaborate. The classiest Mickey-shaped dessert of the lot is made from Choux pastry, stuffed with (frankly delicious) custard, and served on a crumbly shortbread with cream and fruit. A 30th anniversary edible wax stamp completes the dish. It’s pretty big for an individual dessert (but not so big you’ll want to share it). Out of all the treats on offer, this one definitely feels more fitting to a proper Parisian restaurant, so treat yourself!

Bistrot Sweet Delight is only available with the Gusteau and Emile set-menu at Bistrot Chez Rémy.

30th Anniversary Rainbow Macarons

food at disneyland paris 30th
These tiny treats are deliciously French (Image:

I couldn’t resist these because I LOVE macarons, especially in France. These delicate treats are light, bitesize and super cute. You can also get macrons at Disneyland Paris with Disney Characters printed on (which are probably better, to be honest). Buy individually or as a bundle for a treat to take home (just don’t scoff them all on the Eurostar like we did…)

30th Anniversary macarons and printed macarons available from Boardwalk Candy Palace, €2.20 each.

Giant 30th Anniversary icing-topped Madeleine

disneyland paris 30th madeleine
A beauty and a beast (Image:

This one was very popular. Again, extra French and baked beautifully, covered in the 30th anniversary purple and pink icing. For me, it was just too big! And I really need some kind of chocolate or sugary goodness to dip a madeleine this big in. Like some of the others before, it’s a decent Disney snack to share, especially for the cost. A bargain at Disney prices! But the enormous size of it meant it wasn’t as fluffy as a madeleine should be and, might I say, a bit bland compared to the other options.

30th Anniversary Madeleine available from Cookie Kitchen on Main Street, €4,50

In two days, that was all the food at Disneyland Paris we could manage! There is a lot more to sample, but having done my research before the trip (just like you are doing now), this was my Disney snack hit list and it didn’t disappoint! If you enjoyed this post, give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook, where we are sharing more top tips for Disneyland Paris over the next few weeks.

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